So lucky to be an Australian

I always knew that, being a white Australian of the 21st century, I was one of the luckiest people ever to have lived – despite those mental health issues which add ‘texture’ to my life.

Since starting this blog, in particular, I have become even more aware of how fortunate I am as I am sent stories from around the globe by people in First World countries whose mental health status seems to relegate them to Developing Nation conditions. 

For instance, unlike the man mentioned in this article, I wasn’t taken from a psychiatric institution and bussed away to a different city, ending up living in transient accommodation. According to this post, human rights violations in the US mental healthcare system are not uncommon.

However, I do want to continue to mention that while I have access to excellent services, and a genuine choice of high quality providers, the same is not true for many who live in rural and regional Australia. 

We are indeed the lucky country; let’s continue to work to extend our privilege to all of our citizens.

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