Let’s Get Serious: Patient Rights

I am so fortunate to have access to Australia’s private mental healthcare system: I have access to services and hospitals which must surely be among the best in the world.

However, within even the best system, things can go wrong.

If you believe your rights as a patient have been violated, you should have clear access to a complaints process within the facility in which the violation occurred. My advice is: keep asking – if the first person you ask gives you the run around, ask someone else later. Don’t forget, even if you feel a gross violation has occurred, you are more likely to be ‘heard’ and taken seriously if you can maintain at least the facade of calm orderliness.

If you don’t receive satisfaction within the institution, here are links to Health Care Complaint Commissioners in states and territories around Australia:








Remember – persistence and a calm demeanour will help you get the outcome you desire.


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