Make You Bed, But Don’t Lie In It

One of the tiny unexpected pleasures of being in hospital (at least, the ones I stay in) is that the beds are very easy to make.

They’re on castors, so each morning I roll my bed away from the wall, pull all the linen into position, roll back – and it’s done.

Of course, if you’re depressed, sometimes you are tempted to get right back into that bed and stay there … though psych nurses generally disapprove such action.

I’m not a ‘naughty patient’ who gets called up for their medications numerous times after the windows have closed or need to be reminded to wash or eat. Mind you, at my worst, I cower in the foetal position under a blanket atop the bed and lose the power of speech; but let’s leave that discussion for another day.

Ironically, NASA are looking for people willing to stay in bed for 70 days and be paid for the privilege.

I reckon, in here, I’m living with a bunch of people who might just find that lucrative.

If you suffer from depression, do you find it difficult to get out of bed? How do you overcome your ‘linen addiction’?


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2 responses to “Make You Bed, But Don’t Lie In It

  1. Thanks for the link–if anyone needs me, I’ll be applying for NASA.


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