Top Three Worst Roommates

These are roomates with whom I, or someone I know, has tolerated during a stay on a psychiatric ward:

1. Defecating woman

… a whole story in itself, as I’m sure you can imagine.

2. World Champion Complainer

The woman who was eventually asked to leave, ostensibly for spreading false rumours about another patient but perhaps because her constant and unfounded complaining to all and sundry finally wore the Boss down.

3. The Snoring Champ  …

… who managed to keep me awake from the next room.

Have you ever had to share a hospital room with a ‘nightmare roommate’? What’s your story?


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4 responses to “Top Three Worst Roommates

  1. I remember after surgery the woman across from me snoring like a frieght train. Mercifully, the nurses gave me a sleeping tablet.


  2. I had a roommate that would have sex with random guys on our bathroom floor. So many times I would sit outside our room, waiting for them to finish so I could go back to bed. Awkward..and really gross. In residential treatment I had a roommate that was young and very immature and every time she came into our room, she slammed the door and I would jump and scream like an atomic bomb had detonated. I hope you have good roomies!


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