Psych Ward Shenanigans

Some of the best (legitimate) things you can do on a psych ward:

  1. Nurse dodging – avoiding that PITA nurse to whom you’ve been assigned. Not recommended for long periods.
  2. Room squatting – taking over an interview room for your own private conversations. Particularly useful if you’re in a shared room and want some private space for laughing with a friend. Slightly embarrassing if you get busted by the Boss and have to relinquish the room for legitimate use.
  3. Problem puzzling – putting an impossible 9-letter square on the common whiteboard, one that doesn’t actually make a 9-letter word. Anonymity a must.
  4. Playing doctor – definitely an “inside your own head” game, for your own amusement only. How many diagnoses can you make?
  5. Group therapy survival techniques – adopting a meaningful expression and gazing thoughtfully into the middle distance; counting down from 100 by sevens, or if that’s not going to take long enough, 1000; silently listing each species of insect you can think of. Or else, of course, there is the alternative of actually participating. 
  6. Guess the meal – especially fun if a menu is posted. Which meal matches which description?

How else do you lighten up your time in hospital? And no, comments promoting unlawful behaviour will not be approved – sorry! 🙂 Got a duty of care here folks!


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2 responses to “Psych Ward Shenanigans

  1. Glad that you are keeping yourself entertained! =) I was in the hospital last May for 6 weeks and they only had one therapist and she did a process group every day. She had so many catchphrases that a few of us designed a BINGO board with the words she would use and we would secretly play BINGO while she talked. Sometimes we would pretend to be James Bond and dart through the ward trying to avoid all of the cameras. Most of the time was really boring though.. I love your beautiful personality (as seen through Be well, my friend.


    • Oh wow I LOVE that! When I was ‘in’ earlier in the year there was a small group of us who called ourselves ‘The A Team’. We made group therapy and education WORK. In fact, one day when the therapist was running late, I got up and stated running a spoof session, parodying the “feelings, thoughts, behaviours, urges” stuff we knew would be covered in the session. Another time when she was running late I pretended to be the therapist and started the session without her. When she came in, I pretended she was a work experience student and went to give her the white board marker. She refused and had me run the first half of the session! Ah … we do have to keep ourselves amused. Somehow.
      Thanks for the Bingo and James Bond ideas, will be introducing them into the ward 🙂


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